WRU 2015 Spring #5 – Backseat Gamer

Oh yes, after a week of minimal delay comes a post that’s 10 days late. It’s not a Sticky Jellyfish post without those crazy unwarranted delays. Now with the MSR ready to pop out as well, there’s no time to comment on the week as a whole. Is this the world record for the most delayed Sticky Jellyfish post? Well…I still got plenty of unfinished posts. So before I drag this post any later, here it is.

Also, don’t bother with the order, it’s completely arbitary (i.e. I cbf organising them)

Punchline – ep4

SP - Punchline“Possessed by the Stripes”

So 4 episodes in, and we got more and more information on the layout of where the story is heading toward. The scene in the institute with the three kids is definitely where this whole chain of events started from. Uchikoshi loves his psuedo science combining with urban legends, and I just wonder which absurd information he would use as set up for the various powers. The mechanism of possession is explained slightly here, and along with it comes a really absurd comedy skit of misunderstanding.

Punchline - ep4

The theory regarding stopping asteroid is confirmed here, though I’m still questioning the validity of the info told by that shady RDJ-lookalike, especially considering his response when he saw Kenji. The pills taken by Mikatan and the little intel on Rabura’s previous possession episode were big clues as to what’s going on, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the fax sent out years ago that possibly kickstarted the entire set up we saw today was one final act in the story. It could easily corresponds to the future knowledge of that inventor in regards to his role of creating and maintaining Meika and the place in general.

FSN UBW – ep17

SP - FSN UBW2“The Dark Sword Bares Its Fangs”

The fight. Both between Lancer and Archer, and within the Caster pair with our teenage couple. As being one of the iconic fights in the series, the battle between Lancer and Archer has plenty of weight to it. It’s swift and brutal, and just showcases how strong Lancer is when he’s not holding back. For a recurrent character throughout the series, he’s finally got his time to shine. That sequence just looks and feels great. The fight within the church used the ad break to showcase the same sequence from different perspective&emphasis, which could be confusing for those western audiences.

FSN UBW - ep17

At the end of the day, this is where the Caster duo departs the stage. Love can make a smart person blind, and the way she went out is fitting for her story. Despite the initial bad impression, the story has been veering her into a strange place of both mad and kind at the same time. Her twisted obsession with Saber is well documented, but perhaps it’s her true desire that the audience failed to see for the majority of her screentime. It’s not the most heartfelt romance here, but at the same time her goal just makes you wonder the redundancy of the grail’s power when so many participants doesn’t really care for it.

JJBA Stardust Crusaders- ep40&41

SP - JJBA Stardust Crusaders EgyptD’Arby the Gamer

Just when you thought the mindgame is over, here comes D’Arby ver.2. Ten years younger than his brother, Terrance is equally disgusting if not even more so in the confidence in their little games. If the older D’Arby is all about gambling, mindgame, and cheating without being caught, this younger D’Arby is about gaining the upperhand by skillfully using other player’s capability. There’s no “cheating” here, but a real duke of skills using the game controls. Having said that, Terrance is a lot more disgusting than his brother. The discordance in the animation for those dolls brought on unpleasant taste, and one ups the little soul coins the older D’Arby is proud of.

JJBA Stardust Crusaders - ep40

This one also marks the first field experience for Kakyoin since his return from injury. Given that the set up for this encounter is all about gaming using a preset rules and conditions, it’s the muscle memories and the knowledge of the little trickery that counts. The stand battles in general shares similar concept, but now it’s presented in a more viewer friendly concept. Though I do find the HD graphics amusing considering its time period. Joseph being the usual annoying backseat gamer as expected. Seriously though, after the disappearance of Speedwagon in part 3, both him and Avdol has been sharing the role of the running commentary.

JJBA Stardust Crusaders - ep41

There are two types of games being played, a car racing one and a baseball game. As exhilarating the race is, it’s the “do you believe my claim” mindgame that eventuates in the battle that Jotaro takes part in. It’s a lot more convoluted than the simple game of dare against the D’Arby senior, but the same thrill remains. With just the last bit of the story to go, I expect this to be the final bit of the fun time before the real deal sets in. Even though the skirmish isn’t complete in those two episodes, it should wrap itself up pretty quickly.

Oregairu2 – ep5

SP - Oregairu2“Once Again, He Turns Back on the Path from Whence He Came”

Holy that’s one …..extremely risky play. The backlash would be too high when it inevitably fail in the future. The gears are turning slowly, and what we do have right now is merely a bandage approach to mask the current issue. It may have sidestepped the impending question of the club dissipating, but once again it’s Hachiman going for his self-destructive backhand methods again, but this time without putting himself in the spotlight. Oregairu’s biggest strength is in its exploration in the awkwardness of adolescence. At the same time, it’s also fairly idealistic. This show can be used as an escape for those that wants to see themselves in Hachiman, who’s both knowledgeable, good looking, and as much as he hates to admit it, popular amongst his peers.

Oregairu2 - ep5

The crude rejection of the little fantasy. Is this seriously the best outcome for them? Yukino finally made her mind up to step up to accept the challenge and Hachiman just took it away from him. With all this emphasis on keeping up with the status quo, perhaps what he’s done here is actually selfish and destructive. Not to mention putting a newbie Isshiki into the top position is just asking for more troubles later on. Yes he solved the issue without any troubles, but once again neglecting the goal of those around him. He thought he could read people well, but time and time again in this second season he’s shown to be missing the bigger picture. It’s just not his solo social suicide anymore, but his actions are starting to having negative impact on those around him.

Oregairu2 - ep5-2

It felt empty. Perhaps out of all three, he is the most vulnerable to changes. Even Yui’s plan will allow her to push herself, but what this whole ordeal ended up as, is just one big opportunity missed. That’s a big what if proposed, and perhaps that would be an ideal outcome, but things are not to be.

Yamajo – ep5

SP - Yamada-kun_to_7-nin_no_Majo“It Looks Like I’ve Fallen For Yamada!”

This show is just a riot, a completely shameless riot. It’s funny how we got into the amusing dynamics between the members of the club so easily, and how this show just showcases kissing as nothing major. Yes this is a school trip episode, and sets up for the next conflict comfortably. We see a different side of Shiraishi, one that’s a lot more open and a lot more lively, and showing off a little dorky side of her as well.

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo - ep4

Due to the fact that the OP spoiled the identity of the witches straight away, the encounter of Nene opens up plenty of opportunities. The nature of the witches’ powers are still yet to be disclosed, but I’m guess that they swap whenever there’s kissing involved. For something that I’m not expecting too much prior, this series has been quite a refreshing entertainment to me. Yes it’s still in high school, yes there’s possible “harem” in the future given all the kissing, but none of them feels cliche nor dull, and I’m digging the chemistry between the characters so far.

Etotama – ep4

SP - Etotama“Eyes of a Rabbit, Ears of a Rabbit”

Well, colour me “surprised”. Looking back, the biggest reason why the climax in ep3 feels so genuine is due to the sincere melancholy from Nya-tan’s howls. It continued that setup nicely early on in this episode before nonchalantly reintroduce Uri-tan back again. While it doesn’t drive on further into the drama aspect, it solidifies the comedic tone this series is going for, and reminded ourselves the prospect of reincarnation that’s the biggest mystery in Nya-tan’s past.

Etotama ep4

At the same time, Etotama wouldn’t be the same without those fantastic battles. Funny how the main point is on rabbit’s foot when the title talks about its eyes and ears. The battle stage has one great aspect of manipulated gravity and embodies the fantastical nature borrowing themes from Alice in Wonderland, but the battle itself is just a simple RPS and point. The nature of it is as crazy as all other ones, but it’s kind of lacking the dynamism that we see from them so far. It does give us a nice doujin idea though.

Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku – ep5

SP - Mikagura_Gakuen_Kumikyoku“School Fantasia”

My stance remains that Eruna needs better support cast than this bunch of people for this show to be worthwhile and enjoyable. She’s doing her hardest to carry this show but the other characters are just so bland and one note really. This episode does present a formidable opponent at the end, but mostly it’s just a food stall episode with plenty of eating going around. Sure that the Sadamatsu got some more adorable characterisation here, but I don’t think it’s strong enough to not be overshadowed by Eruna yet.

Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku - ep5

Ore Monogatari – ep4

SP - Ore_Monogatari“My Boyfriend”

So here we are, venturing into the unknown field that is the in-relationship status. This episode expanded the world from between the three to a wider circle, mostly around how the new relationship affects Yamato’s friendship circle. While it doesn’t have the same level of cuteness found in the previous one, it again focuses on the charm of Takeo a lot more, especially the traditional good point of being strong and dependable. The bond between the three grows tighter, and for a transitional episode this is pretty enjoyable. It would be interesting to see if those friendship circle will play further part in the future, but that afro guy from Takeo’s group sure is popping up a lot lately.

Ore Monogatari - ep4

I just have to believe that his lung functions better than most other people in the fire first. This show is getting more and more idealistic, but hey, shoujo romance. I am still enjoying the fluffiness, but like I’d said before, personally I have less patience on this type of stories if they can’t keep it fresh.

Kekkai Sensen – ep5

SP - Kekkai_Sensen“The Tremorous Blood Hammer”

This show is just so godamn fun. Starting off with the rampaging car eating truck, to the little tales of love between “Queen of Monomania” and her two love interests. She’s just a riot from start to finish, and her enthusiasm makes her such an appealing character even though she has violent means to achieve her bizarre goal. This episode flows so well during the chase, and sets up a little romance subplot between Leon and White at the end of the episode. We’d been introduced to several characters already, yet they all fit into the grand scheme of things like a glove. All the cast in Libra are so lovable and adorable, especially Chain. I was surprised to see though that Aligura isn’t a couple with Femt given their interaction in the ED.

Kekkai Sensen - ep5

There’s something highly amusing about how this show just nonchalantly brushes away the high casualty count at the end of the incident. Hellsalem’s Lot is a dangerous dangerous place, yet with all the craziness going around it it just has its own unique type of charm. It just feels so exciting. The mixture of chaotic fantasy elements with semi-realistic setting just provides a great backdrop for this series. Every episodes have been disjointed between them so far, but every one of them showed little glimpses of the character interactions and little hints as to what the bigger picture can be. Just like Aligura has said in this episode, Love is all about the pushing. You just gotta be aggressive.

Grisaia no Rakuen – ep3

SP - Grisaia no Rakuen“The Cacoon of Caprice III”

Here we learn about the military days of Yuuji, even though it’s the error-ridden fictional one with inconsistencies with the real life counterparts. This is his first group of friends, comrades that he can trust, the important ones that he should save. If Oslo’s suggestion made him into a killer, and Asako’s made him into a protector, here the instructors words combine the two together and made him into a soldier, one that would step up to act whenever necessary. There are some random hijinks within the camp itself, but it managed to build a group of lovable support cast that has a way different chemistry than the one in the academy later. I do like how they started with the funeral for Danny so there’s always tension during the gunfight.

Grisaia no Rakuen - ep3

As we approach the final moments of Meikyuu, this little flashback for Yuuji is almost to the end. Asako will be a major guiding force as to what makes him the one that we see in Kajitsu, and her inevitable passing would no doubt be a climax in the upcoming episode. They share a great bond between each other. She’s not just his guardian, his master, his father figure, but also his lover, the one who he can place his trust upon and the one who he can feel safe around.

Plastic Memories – ep5

SP - Plastic_Memories“The Promise I Wanted to Keep”

I’m not sure what I think of the decision to pursue the plot thread of the illegal retriever on Marcia. On one hand I was excited about the prospect of letting the audience know the purpose of the previous episode, on another hand the whole “rescue mission” was haphazardly done with more questions raised that those viewers spend more time questioning the inconsistency in the settings. I can see what the story is aiming for, but it’s touching on too much of an unfamiliar ground while relying on coincidences to make this work, which it just falls short.

Plastic Memories - ep5

It certainly didn’t help with the flow of the narrative. I appreciate the more depth into the background of this whole Giftia business, but I feel like the director emphasised on the wrong side of the story here. Going all out action isn’t the way to go here, and it only hampers the story by wasting time on the cliche moments when it could be used to flesh out the whole world a bit better. I definitely don’t think it’s one of the better episodes that it had me to believe in the first 5 minutes.

Show by Rock – ep5

SP - Show_By_Rock“Maze of DESTINY”

After 3 episodes of hiatus, the Dark Monster finally makes their return to the frame. Ep2~4 are just about establishing the musical side of things. While Shingancrimsonz carried the moments nicely with their own childish antics, it does feel weird that Cyan’s primary role wasn’t brought up earlier. Now that she has to fight the dark monsters again, her identity is being shown to her band members.

Show by Rock - ep5

Yes I know that a popular cameo is shown here and that will excite the game players, but I’m actually kind of tired of the juvenile “oh no she’s going to leave us” drama in the second half of the episode. While this series has been fun in general, led by Shingancrimsonz again, the serious side of things do hamper down on the experience somewhat. Yes I know it’s supposed to be stupid, but please be the fun type of stupid.

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