Summer 2017 First Ep Impressions – Part 4

It’s finally over, all those first impression posts. Will there be any late surprises I wonder?

Tenshi no 3P!

Yes this is a music band show, yes this is also a loli show, and yes both facets are done decently thus far. The story in the first episode is simple, a disgruntled musician encountered the 3 piece loli rockband that wants him to compose song for them. There were some decent buildup to the protagonist characterisation, but we are yet to know what the 3 girls are like besides the initial tropes. On the technical level there’s not much you can fault it, though some may have issue with loli voice. It barely touched upon the indie composer pathway, but who knows how much that will play into the story other than just as setup. I still failed to grasp the reason why it just doesn’t grab me. Definitely one for the niche audience.

Hype Level: 3/5

Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni

Pandering to the extreme. Take your already trope-y isekai setup, give the protagonist max stat, give him max skill slot, give him lots of money, give him two girls who likes him already from the get go, and give him google, all for no apparent reasons other than plot convenience. Oh and remove from him any signs of characterisation at all while you’re at it. This is as generic as it can get without any personality to it. Tilted my head 15 times while watching this show because of how retarded it is. To its credit, it’s not as offensive as some other shows, but I would not expect anything good to be coming from it. This is just that particular subgenre boiled down to its barebone structure without adding anything interesting to it. Yes there’s a smartphone, but all it does is just to justify the whole “protagonist knows everything” shtick in a very uninteresting way. The question you should ask is not what, but why. As in, “why on earth would anyone fund this thing???”

Hype Level: 1/5

Hajimete no Gal

Speaking of pandering, here we have your shitty highschool romantic comedy with insufferable protagonist that just talks way too much with the usual shitbros that are even more annoying than he is. The entire first ep is filled with juvenile humour and writing seemingly done by someone who has never been in a relationship before. It’s purely wish fulfilling while trying to disguise it behind the pretence of “resistance”. The studio knows that it’s pure fetish show so the drawing of the pantsu is super detailed here, and I have to give credit to actually putting effort into the censorship for the MX version. It’s a bad romcom, but hey, I am watching it because I like gaaru character type and she’s really cute.

Hype Level: 2/5

Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e

Typical dysfunctional classroom scenario, with the group starting to show signs of fracturing amongst the bit amount of tension within them. This episode doesn’t show off its hand until the last couple of minutes, but man it was glorious when it finally revealed the cards. All those pent up frustration seeing those spoiled kids acting entitled just received a fantastic release point, and boy oh boy do I enjoy that. The poorly acted deadpan tone from the protagonist will definitely need a while to get used to, but otherwise this is a nicely produced episode. There are plenty of possible drama that could happen within the immediate future, and they all seem delicious. Unless they drop the ball by losing the momentum somewhere, I can see myself enjoy this quite a lot.

Hype Level: 4/5


It’s a messy romantic harem comedy under the disguise of a game club. The first episode doesn’t follow the typical beat of the genre, and the gamer aspect serves more as the foothold for character interactions than being the main focus. The first episode teases at a lot of future relationship changes through obnoxious on screen texts, which adds some flavour to the character introduction. The protagonist is not the most appealing character around, and the other male characters felt a lot more appealing. It’s quite uplifting and jolly in the first episode, and the visual managed to hold up given it’s the studio’s first full length title. It’s not the best romcom this season, but the extra gaming kicker should tilt it to its favour for ease of access.

Hype Level: 3/5

New Game!!

Just like many other sequels, this one picked off directly from where we left off. New year at the studio, yet sadly no new staff members to the team. The first episode once again serves a nice reminder as to how lovable all those characters are, and reestablish the group dynamics once again. Also without the time used on introduction, the girls all got straight into their adorable best immediately in this first episode. On top of the usual CGDCT scenes, there are slight tension gradually building up as we enter the pre-production phase of game development. I could foresee some more drama going on later, but as a whole, the first season was such a fantastic relaxing CGDCT show that I could still handle more of the same here.

Verdict: NewGame+ where?

Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi no Togi

Essentially the 4th season of the series. The set up is the same as always, and it continue the big trend of leaving every case feeling really unsatisfied. Instead of reaching a catharsis on justice being dealt, this violent method is dished out so recklessly in impulsive manners that the final act of the case felt more horrifying than what led up to it. It’s more of the same, with another main plot teased near the end of the episode. The titular character Ai sounds a lot older, which is understandable given it’s 9 years since the last entry. The same haunting atmosphere remains, even if the death sequences still looking like punishment games. As this only has 6 episodes, fans of the older series should still give it a shot again. I do find it amusing how the technology within the show is keeping up with the modern time. It’s not the best of dramas, but it still flirts with the greyness in human psyche fairly well.

Verdict: watch it.

Clione no Akari

I feel really bad for this show. It’s done by nobody, and looks really bad especially with unfocused gaze from characters. It’s a school teen drama with the usual heavy emphasis on bullying. Being a short it doesn’t allow itself to tell the full story beat on the first go. Yet somehow, I’m entranced by the unsettling atmosphere it managed to convey despite the shoddy production value.

Verdict: N/A

Nora to Oujo no Noraneko Heart

A light 3min flash animation quality short that serves more as extra for the galge than going for the actual story itself. Light fun despite being slightly unpolished, and the final punchline managed to hit its mark.

Verdict: cat is fine…too?


  • 1/5: IseSuma
  • 2/5: Mahoujin Guru Guru, Hajimete no Gal
  • 3/5: Tenshi no 3P, Gamers
  • 4/5: Youzitsu

After sampling through 38 new shows, I’ve cut it down to 16+4 titles when combining with the 5 leftovers from the previous season. While I did mention that a few shows can easily be just live action drama, this season doesn’t really have a particular theme that stands out thus far. Guess we’ll know in the next few weeks as to how this season is actually shaping up.

As it stands right now, Princess Principal has the most eyecatching first episode, with Made in Abyss having the biggest lategame potential. AHCF and Isekai Shoukudou both hit the right spot for me, but it’s Knight’s and Magic that I feel will be the most fun I’ll have this season from the new shows. Tsuredure Children takes the best new shorts for me at this stage.


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