Author: Jeroz

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Fall 2017 First Ep Impressions – Part 1

Does anyone read this introduction anymore? Anyway, with 34+4 shows this upcoming season, we got a lot to go through here.



Summer 2017 First Ep Impressions – Part 4

It’s finally over, all those first impression posts. Will there be any late surprises I wonder?


Summer 2017 First Ep Impressions – Part 3

As we approach toward the second week of the season, we tend to see the favourites pop out during the 3rd quarter of the first ep premieres. Statistically speaking I tend to pull numbers out of my ass when typing those introductions with an increase in the odds in part 3 and 4, so please bear with me here.


Summer 2017 First Ep Impressions – Part 2

One of my pet peeves in anime is how not in sync some walking animation is with the background, which immediately shows it’s two separate layers rather than one coherent picture.


Summer 2017 First Ep Impressions – Part 1

Compared to the previous season, this one has a significantly lower number of notable sequels. At the same time, with 4+1 shows I watch carrying into this season, it would also be beneficial for me to not pick as many either. As per usual, I’ll be going into those shows blind and see how their respective ep1s impress me.