2014 Spring

September Anime Music Release Schedule

As usual, this is your September OP/ED/OST release

Music September 2014

Due to the fragmentation on the info of the OST releases, I might have to update this post further later on.



August Anime Music Release Schedule part.2

The following OP/ED/OST are released in the next two weeks.

Music August 2014 part2



WRU #12 Spring 2014 – 300 years

So I watched Edge of Tomorrow, and it’s overall a great movie despite the obligatory Hollywood style ending. It’s great to see a Japanese story being brought to the forefront of the western audience, but I just hope people give me more chances, despite the ending.  Nonetheless, Pacific Rim 2 in 2017 is a great announcement, and let’s jump into this delayed post again. Due to the vastly reduced number of shows, other than Ping Pong I won’t try to do any ranking, as usual.




WRU #11 Spring 2014 – Heroes are real.

No more apologising. NSW won and so do both Warriors and All Blacks, so today is a good day.  Next season should be interesting now that Ping Pong is finished (review soon). Anyway though, here’s the post that’s supposed to come out 3 days ago.