So I did a podcast with some mates on my thoughts on the Winter 2017 lineup

Yes it’s a 2 hours episode.



Character Tribute – Kong Wenge

It’s not often you find a character being so beautifully crafted, where you feel his struggles, his motivations, and you cheer for his victories. Yet in Ping Pong that’s currently airing, there’s just one that manages to bypass all the usual tropes and became living and breathing in front of our eyes. This is my little personal tribute to a great character. Enjoy. It may  ramble a bit.



“However it’s still better than me who’s all confidence and has no talent”

[Best girls] – Summer Season 2013

Summer season is over! With that comes the usual seasonal revaluation of the best girl from the 9 shows that I’d seen. Of course there are more in other shows that I missed out on during the season, but hey, this is just a fun side project for me to do. Once again there will be spoilers to the series mentioned, so venture forward at your own discretion.

BG - Kamazuki Suzuno

Spring 2013 – Kamazuki Suzuno [Hataraku Maou-sama!]