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February 2016 Anime Music Release Schedule

13 OPs, 24 EDs,  7 OST albums (some bundled).

As usual there are alternative editions for some CDs, so please check related items section to find the one you want.

.webm links courtesy of /r/animethemes from Reddit. Check out their 2016 wiki as well.

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Winter 2016 First Ep Impressions – Part 3

You thought I could get those posts out before their ep2 airs? Well, too bad. The usual TA tradition of being laggy as *** continues here. Nevertheless, let’s dive into the third batch now.


2016 Anime Winter Season PV Collection

Leap year once again! How exciting! It’s a new year, it’s a fresh new pair of pants to be worn. Everything requires a brand new start, and here’s a list of shows that I haven’t seen before, as in that there aren’t many sequels this time round surprisingly enough. Truth to be told, I’m more excited about the season after this, and the final 4 eps of God Eater.


WRU 2015 Spring #6 – Bike Trip

Half time break, where I’m still desperately trying to catch up to the post schedule. There are some really nice mid season stuff in this week, but otherwise it’s business as usual. Don’t think there are any big stumbles this week either. Yes this is 8 days late, but hopefully I can catch up this weekend on top of those MSR posts.


May 2015 Anime Music Release Schedule

So here it is, 27 OP/ED and 4 OSTs that will come out this month.

As usual I won’t necessarily be linking the cheapest available option since most of them can have the cd+dvd varieties. Do check the “related items” sections in the links to find the version you want. I’d also removed the amazon/cdjapan links for the ost that are bundled with bd releases, since I highly doubt any of you bothered with them.

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