Captain Earth

December 2014 Anime Music Release Schedule

Hello everybody, does anyone actually read this stuff anyway? No? Oh well. Trails in the Sky is still as fun as ever in this 2nd playthrough. Though I think I missed out on the shiny Poms in the prologue. Also, Rakuen Tsuiho is pretty sweet, and hopefully I can get a post out in the next few days. Lots of OST releases this month as most of the OP/ED are already out.



September Anime Music Release Schedule

As usual, this is your September OP/ED/OST release

Music September 2014

Due to the fragmentation on the info of the OST releases, I might have to update this post further later on.


WRU #6 Spring 2014 – Cake

Yes I know this is stupidly late as usual. I feel like this is becoming another worrying trend once again. I promise though that it won’t happen again next week. On another note, Etrian Odyssey Untold is fantastic.