Dangan Ronpa

[Best girls] – Summer Season 2013

Summer season is over! With that comes the usual seasonal revaluation of the best girl from the 9 shows that I’d seen. Of course there are more in other shows that I missed out on during the season, but hey, this is just a fun side project for me to do. Once again there will be spoilers to the series mentioned, so venture forward at your own discretion.

BG - Kamazuki Suzuno

Spring 2013 – Kamazuki Suzuno [Hataraku Maou-sama!]



Summer 2013 roundup – upupupupupupu

As the season is coming to an end, I am splitting up the 6 shows I have in my usual weekly round up post so I could have more space for a mini-review of the shows. They surprisingly took up more time than I’d expected, but hey, sometimes you just got so much to write about.




Weekly Roundup 18th September – Pork Bowl

So I’d been binging a lot of manga recently, which is the main reason why I’m late to post this article once again. Also yes I know that there 2 Gatchaman posts delayed. I’ll try to get to them this or next weekend.




Weekly Roundup 11th September – The extremely late post

Yes real life events are catching up to me that even this series is delayed so much as well. I might have to reconsider my priorities for a bit soon. This post was made back in Thursday but the picture gathering was disrupted hence the late post. Ah the pain of having to hold off new episodes until the post is finished :/