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Spring 2016 First Ep Impressions – Part 1

So the Spring time has begun, and in a weird sense of timing I’m actually on holiday now so I get to watch all the episodes unlike before. Even with that I’m already a week late with all my posts. Now as per usual. Minimal plot/spoiler, going off my impressions post ep1 and just talk about the relevant stuff.



2016 Anime Spring Season PV Collection

Apparently this is a stacked season? Or just one with more adaptations from familiar faces. Then again, I’m going to watch all of the new stuff anyway.


WRU 2015 Spring #11 – Za Warudo

The season is ending, and my delay is still not closing up any bit at all. I’ll probably still do those episode comments in the weekly post and see if I got time to do separate review later. The things you do when you get stuck eh.


WRU 2015 Spring #8 – Last Stardust

You know, this one is supposed to have less of a delay than what you are seeing now. I’m essentially 2 weeks behind on schedule. As for the content though, this one has a lot of great episodes happening.

WRU 2015 Spring #5 – Backseat Gamer

Oh yes, after a week of minimal delay comes a post that’s 10 days late. It’s not a Sticky Jellyfish post without those crazy unwarranted delays. Now with the MSR ready to pop out as well, there’s no time to comment on the week as a whole. Is this the world record for the most delayed Sticky Jellyfish post? Well…I still got plenty of unfinished posts. So before I drag this post any later, here it is.

Also, don’t bother with the order, it’s completely arbitary (i.e. I cbf organising them)