Kyoukai no Rinne

2016 Anime Spring Season PV Collection

Apparently this is a stacked season? Or just one with more adaptations from familiar faces. Then again, I’m going to watch all of the new stuff anyway.



August 2015 Anime Music Release Schedule

As expected, there are lots of releases in the second third of the season. Get ready for a musical avalanche. 28OPs, 30EDs, 11 OSTs, pray for your wallet. As usual there are alternative editions for some cds, so please check related items section to find the one you want.

.webm links courtesy of /r/animethemes from reddit. Check out their 2015 wiki as well.


July 2015 Anime Music Release Schedule

New season, new music, another fresh batch to be delivered on top of all those delicious OSTs from the previous season. Due to the timing some shows are yet to announce the dates for their OP/ED. I shall update this post later on once they are made public. I’d added the Play-Asia links, though there are times where I couldn’t find the entries in their database. Should I continue look them up there in future releases? If there are other outlets that you would like me to look up for those releases please also let me know.

15 OPs, 8 EDs, 9 OSTs. First month of the season isn’t necessarily the most busy one I have to say.

webm links courtesy of /r/animethemes from reddit. Check out their 2015 wiki as well.


April 2015 Anime Music Release Schedule

Spring season time, and stupid 1st of April being the first Wednesday of the month. This is rebellion, and I shall post this on a Sunday instead. You can’t make me post on the usual day of the week, because I am too lazy to do so.  I’m still deciding what to include for those OSTs that are bundled into the bd volumes/box themselves, since you guys probably aren’t interested in the purchase outlet for those bd volumes anyway. Please let me know what other info you would like me to cover instead.