Little Witch Academia

So I did a podcast with some mates on my thoughts on the Winter 2017 lineup

Yes it’s a 2 hours episode.



Winter 2017 First Ep Impressions ā€“ Part 3

There’s this simple marvel from shows that do simple things really well, whether it be portraying the beauty of childlike innocence or just being really good at comedy.


October 2015 Anime Music Release Schedule

You know what? Just like how one series this season aired in late September, one of the EDs was actually released last month as well. Why can’t shows keep it in the usual schedule? The OST from the previous seasons are also trickling out as well.

18 OPs, 10 EDs, 13 OST.
As usual there are alternative editions for some CDs, so please check related items section to find the one you want.

.webm links courtesy of /r/animethemes from reddit. Check out their 2015 wiki as well.

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