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Winter 2015 WRU #10 – Trumps

It’s getting amazing how by week 10 I’m still got this delay going on. The season is almost coming to an end here, and I’m not sure if I got the time to pump out those series reviews before the next season if I still procrastinate like this. Fingers crossed I got the next one out early. Also, the return of 1-paragraph or even 1-liners.



Winter 2015 WRU #9 – Change

Sometimes it’s more satisfying to talk about 2 episodes at once because of the buildup and the slower pacing it allowed for a more fulfilling story to tell. Anyway, that has been a hectic week and with a lot to talk about. Nevertheless this behaviour is getting out of hand, and Death Parade is getting really really amazing. No time for ranking, so this is all random.


Winter 2015 WRU #8 – The endless delay

With lots of 2-parters and “special episodes’ this post will be a lot shorter than the other ones. Though to be honest it’s mostly due to my hiatus and wanting to push things out not latter than what I’m doing now. This post was supposed to come out on the 4th of March ffs.


March 2015 Anime Music Release Schedule

hey hey, introduction time. It’s the first Wednesday of the month, which means, you are reading this post now! A lot of BGM albums to be released this month, especially on the 25th. That day is special, really special. Yes Existence will come out alongside The Last Guardian as special bonus. Also a note that for OSTs that accompany the disc releases, I’ll link the Blu-ray versions.  You can find the DVD versions in the related items section.

As usual you can find the big version of the banner Here. I spent more than an hour time making that myself you know?


Winter 2015 WRU #7 – Andes Chucky

It’s time for a little shakeup of the formula. Instead of the usual afterthoughts where it’s mostly me apologising for the delay week after week, I’m going to list all the memorable moments that happened during this week. It could be a good way to remind myself if I want to compile a bigger list come end of the season/year. The order is also at a more arbitrary sequence than the full ranking. However I’ll try to place the better ones up top.