November 2014 Anime Music Release Schedule [OST]

Here are the OST releases in November 2014. I was going to combine those two together, but then it will be 37 entries which then would be pretty substantial, and I don’t like it too big. You can find the OP/ED releases in November here.



August Anime Music Release Schedule part.2

The following OP/ED/OST are released in the next two weeks.

Music August 2014 part2



WRU #3 Spring 2014 – 18

I blame Sengoku Rance, especially the Kenshin route, for making this post coming out as late as it is. Seriously that game is just too amazing, and is a massive time sink during this holiday break. I can pretty much spend the entire day going through that game, those interactions are just too adorable and fantastic. Now with that aside, let’s get onto the past week of anime episodes.




2014 Anime Spring Season PV Collection

Hey kids, do you know what time of the year it is? It’s PV collection time! That’s right, I shall take you through the whole 30+ promotional videos of the new upcoming anime series in the Spring Season. Now sit tight, buckle your seatbelt, coz this is going to be a wild ride!

PV - Knights of Sidonia

playlist for easier access

As usual, check this post for the list of hashtags if you want to talk about the series on twitter.