WRU 2015 Spring #11 – Za Warudo

The season is ending, and my delay is still not closing up any bit at all. I’ll probably still do those episode comments in the weekly post and see if I got time to do separate review later. The things you do when you get stuck eh.



June 2015 Anime Music Release Schedule

Late post, but better late than never, as I said to myself. As expected being the 3rd month of the season there are a lot of OSTs being released/bundled with BD/DVD volumes. Also EXiSTENCE is actually a thing now, just like The Last Guardian.


WRU 2015 Spring #10 – Shogi is the Universe

Does anyone still read this introduction anymore? With more culling done to reduce my workload, this is probably going to be the shortest WRU yet. Then again, I’m still 8 days late.


WRU 2015 Spring #9 – Explosions

so after leaving off Ore Monogatari from this post series, I think I might just drop off AC as well. It’s seriously getting late.


WRU 2015 Spring #8 – Last Stardust

You know, this one is supposed to have less of a delay than what you are seeing now. I’m essentially 2 weeks behind on schedule. As for the content though, this one has a lot of great episodes happening.