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March 2015 Anime Music Release Schedule

hey hey, introduction time. It’s the first Wednesday of the month, which means, you are reading this post now! A lot of BGM albums to be released this month, especially on the 25th. That day is special, really special. Yes Existence will come out alongside The Last Guardian as special bonus. Also a note that for OSTs that accompany the disc releases, I’ll link the Blu-ray versions.  You can find the DVD versions in the related items section.

As usual you can find the big version of the banner Here. I spent more than an hour time making that myself you know?



January 2015 Anime Music Release Schedule

Yes the month is almost over, but I believe it’s better to keep a proper record, especially since I also do the referral links as well for those interested. I apologise for the extreme delay, but here’s the one for the first month of the year. Also I’m changing the song titles from Japanese texts to romanji version, since it’s probably makes this easier as a database. Let me know if you like the change or not.

One other question though. For those tracks that comes in bundle with the bd discs, what information should I put in to replace the usual Amazon/CDJapan line? I highly doubt people will buy single volume just for the music, but please let me know what other type of information would you like to know instead.


November 2014 Anime Music Release Schedule [OP/ED]

Mark 19th November on your calender, because it’s a mass drop. Due to the large number of total numbers, I’m going to separate the OST entries into another post.  Some of them have already been leaked however, but I’m just going by the official release dates here.

As usual check the “Other Editions” section within the links if you want alternative cheaper/more expensive versions.

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2014 Anime Fall Season PV Collection

I am seriously trying to keep up with things still. As per usual, here’s your list of 42 shows to be aired in the 2014 Fall Season.

Donten ni Warau KEY VISUAL

5 PVs to be collected. More to be updated as they get released.