Uchouten Kazoku

Spring 2017 First Ep Impressions – Part 3

Imagine the time when you started out all hyped and then be deflated as time progresses.



[Best girls] – Summer Season 2013

Summer season is over! With that comes the usual seasonal revaluation of the best girl from the 9 shows that I’d seen. Of course there are more in other shows that I missed out on during the season, but hey, this is just a fun side project for me to do. Once again there will be spoilers to the series mentioned, so venture forward at your own discretion.

BG - Kamazuki Suzuno

Spring 2013 – Kamazuki Suzuno [Hataraku Maou-sama!]


Weekly Roundup 18th September – Pork Bowl

So I’d been binging a lot of manga recently, which is the main reason why I’m late to post this article once again. Also yes I know that there 2 Gatchaman posts delayed. I’ll try to get to them this or next weekend.